65 Names That Mean Hunter Or Huntress For Your Fearless Baby – Choose the Perfect Name for Your Brave Child65 Names That Mean Hunter Or Huntress For Your Fearless Baby – Choose the Perfect Name for Your Brave Child

When it comes to selecting a name for your baby, you want something that perfectly encapsulates their unique qualities. For those parents seeking a name that exudes bravery and fearlessness, look no further than the world of hunters and huntresses. With a rich history and captivating meanings, hunter-inspired names are an excellent choice for your little one.

Here are 65 names that mean hunter or huntress, each with its own distinct variation and story. Discover a name that sparks intrigue and resonates with your family’s values. Whether you have 33 possibilities or just one, there’s a perfect name out there for your little warrior.

Humans have been hunters since ancient times, relying on their skills and cunning to capture prey. Many cultures possess deities or legendary figures associated with hunting. For instance, Rigel, originating from ancient Egypt, means “hunter” and is often portrayed as a god in the hunting realm. Tapio, in Finnish mythology, is the spirit of the forest and the most skilled of hunters. Another name, Makya, has Native American origins and signifies the act of hunting.

For girls, there are several powerful and captivating options. Kacela, a name of African origin, means “hunter” and is the perfect choice for a strong-willed and confident girl. The name SkaĆ°i, from Norse mythology, represents a huntress and is associated with winter and the mountains. Then there’s Flidais, an Irish name meaning “hunting,” which perfectly captures the adventurous and fierce spirit of a huntress.

If you’re looking for something unique and distinct, consider the name Cyrene. Originating from Greek mythology, Cyrene was a nymph who was known for her hunting skills and bravery. This name will surely make your baby stand out and create an air of mystique and wonder.

Whether you choose a name that has roots in mythology, history, or a cultural heritage, each of these names symbolizes strength and courage. Your baby will be bestowed with a name that represents the bravery of hunters and huntresses throughout time, giving them a powerful start in life.

Names That Mean Hunter Or Huntress For Your Fearless Baby

Are you looking for a name that reflects strength, courage, and a fearless spirit for your baby boy or girl? Consider choosing a name that means “hunter” or “huntress”. In various cultures and languages, there are names that hold the essence of a skilled hunter.

Here are some unique names that you can consider for your brave child:

Hunter Names for Boys:

1. Actaeon: This Greek name means “a hunter”.

2. Artemas: With Greek origins, this name means “a skilled hunter”.

3. Bendis: In Greek mythology, Bendis was the goddess of the moon and the hunt.

4. Cernunnos: This Celtic name is associated with the god of fertility, animals, and the hunt.

5. Dali: With Native American origins, this name means “a hunter”.

6. Grosvenor: This English name means “the hunter’s marsh”.

7. Hearne: With Irish origins, this name means “a descendant of a bear cub” which signifies a skilled hunter.

8. Huntingden: This English name literally means “a hunter’s hill”.

9. Jaecar: This French name means “a skilled hunter”.

10. Kainda: This African name means “a hunter”.

Huntress Names for Girls:

1. Artimesia: This Greek name means “a skilled huntress”.

2. Brenda: With Norse origins, this name means “a sword, flame or torch”, symbolizing a brave huntress.

3. Britomartis: In Greek mythology, Britomartis was a goddess associated with hunting and fishing.

4. Flidais: This Irish name means “a mythical huntress”.

5. Nerrivik: In Inuit mythology, Nerrivik is the goddess of the sea and hunting.

6. Opochtli: This Aztec name means “left-handed and hunter”.

7. Pakhet: With Egyptian origins, this name means “a lioness” which symbolizes a fierce huntress.

8. Rudra: This Sanskrit name means “a huntress” or “a roaring storm”.

9. Sedna: In Inuit mythology, Sedna is the goddess of the sea and marine animals, associated with hunting.

10. Sidon: This Greek name means “a skilled huntress”.

These names are not only unique but also carry a deep meaning related to hunting. They can be a perfect choice for your little one, reflecting their fearless character and strong personality.

Discover more names and their meanings on BabyCenter, where you can find an infographic with 65 names that mean “hunter” or “huntress” for your brave child.

Choose the Perfect Name for Your Brave Child

If you’re frequently drawn to the fascinating world of hunting, and you want to give your child a name that reflects their fearless and adventurous spirit, then you’ve come to the right place. Hunting has been an ancient practice that humans have engaged in for centuries. It not only requires incredible skill but also embodies bravery and the ability to face challenges head-on.

There are many amazing names with hunter or huntress meanings that you can consider for your child. From trendy and unusual names to ancient and native ones, this list has it all.

Here are 65 names that mean “hunter” or “huntress” for your courageous little one:

For Boys:

1. Rundas

2. Cocidius

3. Dali

4. Kainda

5. Chace

6. Kacela

7. Zarola

8. Jaecar

9. Artemas

10. Orion

11. Cernunnos

12. Actaeon

13. Oringo

14. Auryon

For Girls:

1. Brielle

2. Devana

3. Sidon

4. Atalanta

5. Winda

6. Aela

7. Artemis

8. Callista

9. Epona

10. Diana

11. Hespera

12. Orlaith

13. Seren

14. Arianwen

While these 65 names are perfect choices for your brave little hunter or huntress, it’s important to consider the cultural and familial background as well. Some of these names may have specific meanings or associations that resonate with your family’s heritage.

So, take your time, do your research, and discover the name that not only sounds amazing but also holds a special meaning for you and your child. If you have any questions or need more suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. Good luck with finding the perfect name for your fearless little one!


Tapio is a Finnish mythological name that has a strong connection to hunting and the wilderness. In Finnish folklore, Tapio is known as the god of the forest and the hunt. This unique name is a perfect choice for parents who want to give their baby a name with a strong and powerful meaning.


The name Tapio is derived from the Finnish word “tapi”, which means “forest”. As the god of the forest, Tapio represents the wild and untamed nature. The name Tapio carries the meaning of a woodman or hunter, making it a great choice for parents who are hunters themselves or who want to instill a sense of adventure and bravery in their child.

Related Names

Tapio is related to other names associated with hunting and the wilderness, such as Artemas, Arawn, Actaeon, and Cernunnos. These names all have ties to the natural world and carry a sense of strength and power.

In Popular Culture

Tapio may not be a commonly used name, but it has appeared in various forms of media. In the book “Grosvenor Square” by Pamela A. Wayne, there is a character named Tapio Huntley who is part of a hunting team. Additionally, Tapio is the name of a character in the popular video game “Huntingden Park”.

Gender Boy
Origin Finnish
Meaning Woodman, Hunter


What are some names that mean “Hunter” for a baby boy?

Some names that mean “Hunter” for a baby boy are Jager, Orion, and Caine.

Are there any names that mean “Hunter” for a baby girl?

Yes, there are several names that mean “Hunter” for a baby girl. Some examples include Artemis, Diana, and Hunter.

Can you suggest some unique names that mean “Hunter” or “Huntress”?

Sure! Here are a few unique names that mean “Hunter” or “Huntress”: Arrow, Tracker, and Huntley.

What are some strong and powerful names that mean “Hunter”?

Some strong and powerful names that mean “Hunter” are Gunner, Tracker, and Valkyrie.

Do you have any suggestions for names that have a similar meaning to “Hunter”?

Yes! If you’re looking for names with a similar meaning to “Hunter,” you could consider names like Chase, Scout, or Archer.

Can you suggest some names that mean hunter for a baby girl?

Sure! Here are some names that mean hunter for a baby girl: Diana, Artemis, Huntress, Orsa, Kiara, and Nimue.

Do you have any suggestions for names that mean hunter for a baby boy?

Of course! Here are some names that mean hunter for a baby boy: Orion, Hunter, Caelan, Actaeon, Jagger, and Gunnar.