Beyonce Interviews Solange: Discovering the Meaning Behind ‘Cranes in the Sky’Beyonce Interviews Solange: Discovering the Meaning Behind ‘Cranes in the Sky’

In a stunningly honest and full interview, Beyonce sits down with her younger sister Solange to delve into the deeper meaning behind her hit song ‘Cranes in the Sky’. Released in 2016, this powerful track explores themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and the struggles that come with trying to find one’s true self. Solange’s lyrics in ‘Cranes in the Sky’ reflect a yearning for change and a desire to escape from the heaviness of the world.

As Solange explains in the interview, ‘Cranes in the Sky’ was born out of a period of uncertainty and introspection in her life. She opens up about feeling like an “exploder” and the need to release all the pent-up emotions. The song became a way for Solange to explore her own relationships, both personal and societal, and to reflect on the experiences of black women in particular.

Solange acknowledges that ‘Cranes in the Sky’ is not a song with easy answers or a definitive conclusion. It is a reflection of the complexities and contradictions that exist within all of us. “I think the song is about those times when you just can’t escape from yourself,” she says. “It’s about the feeling of wanting to cancel out all the noise and be alone with your thoughts.”

The lyrics of ‘Cranes in the Sky’ masterfully convey Solange’s personal journey and the battles she faced along the way. It is a song that resonates with many listeners, as it speaks to the universal need to find one’s own path and to live authentically. “I made this song for both myself and for anyone who can relate,” Solange explains. “It’s about being true to yourself and finding your own way in the world, despite the pressures and expectations.”

With ‘Cranes in the Sky’, Solange has created an anthem for those who are still trying to find their place. The song serves as a reminder to embrace the uncomfortable moments and to learn from them. Solange’s candid interview with Beyonce sheds light on the intimate stories and personal experiences that shaped the lyrics of ‘Cranes in the Sky’, and offers us a glimpse into the world of a truly talented artist.

In conclusion, ‘Cranes in the Sky’ is a song that goes beyond the surface and explores the depths of the human experience. Its powerful lyrics and raw emotion allow listeners to connect with Solange on a deeper level, while also inspiring them to embrace their own journey of self-discovery. So, sit back, listen to the song, and let Solange’s words take you on a transformative journey.

Solange explains how she wrote ‘Cranes in the Sky’ for Song Exploder

Solange was recently interviewed by Beyonce for Song Exploder, where she delved into the meaning and creation of her song ‘Cranes in the Sky’.

In the interview, Solange reveals that she wrote the song in an attempt to understand and confront her own personal experiences and emotions. She explains that she was inspired by the feeling of trying to escape from oneself and the desire to find solace in external distractions, such as the sky.

Solange acknowledges that the lyrics for ‘Cranes in the Sky’ are deeply personal and reflect her own journey towards self-discovery. She wanted the song to address the complexities of being a black woman in America and the struggles and triumphs that come with it.

When asked about the meaning behind the song, Solange explains that ‘Cranes in the Sky’ is about the various ways people try to cope with pain and sadness. She wanted to explore the different methods individuals use to numb themselves from their own reality, whether it be through relationships, work, or other distractions.

The song also touches on themes of vulnerability and self-awareness, with Solange acknowledging that it can be challenging to confront one’s own emotions without the crutches of escapism. She wanted the song to be a space where people could feel seen and understood, while also motivating them to confront their own feelings head-on.

Solange reveals that she intentionally chose the metaphor of cranes in the sky to represent the ways in which people build their own defenses and create distance from their true selves. Just as cranes are often associated with construction and building, Solange wanted to explore the idea of building walls to protect oneself from pain.

Overall, Solange describes ‘Cranes in the Sky’ as a personal and powerful song that speaks to the realness and complexities of human emotions. She hopes that by sharing her own experiences and vulnerability, others can also find healing and self-acceptance through her music.

In conclusion, Solange’s interview with Beyonce for Song Exploder provides a deep dive into the meaning and inspiration behind ‘Cranes in the Sky’. She explains the personal journey that led her to write the song and how it reflects her own experiences and emotions. Solange’s introspective lyrics and powerful storytelling have made ‘Cranes in the Sky’ one of her best songs to date, resonating with listeners around the world.

The Story Behind ‘Cranes in the Sky’

“Cranes in the Sky” is a song by Solange, the younger sister of Beyonce. The song is a standout track from her critically acclaimed album, “A Seat at the Table”. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the lyrics and the personal story that inspired the song.

Solange’s Inspiration

Solange has been open about her struggles with finding peace and happiness in a world full of chaos. In the song, she acknowledges her ongoing battle with her own emotions, saying “I tried to drink it away, I tried to put one in the air… I tried to dance it away, I tried to change it with my hair”. These lyrics show her candidness and vulnerability, inviting us to come along on her journey of self-discovery.

Throughout the interview, Solange explains that the song is about her own experiences with feeling like an outsider and trying to find a sense of belonging. She talks about the pressure she felt to conform and how she often felt like she was crashing into walls, unable to find her place. The song’s title, “Cranes in the Sky”, can be seen as a metaphor for her attempt to escape these feelings.

The Power of ‘Cranes in the Sky’

“Cranes in the Sky” has received widespread acclaim for its honest lyrics and soulful sound. Many listeners have praised the song for its relatability and the way it captures the universal struggle of trying to find oneself. Solange’s raw and introspective approach to songwriting resonates with both her black audience and beyond.

Some critics have even called the album a master class in portraying realness and vulnerability. Solange’s willingness to open up about her personal journey is highly commendable and makes her music even more impactful.

A Comment on the Times

The song was written during a time when Solange was grappling with personal and societal issues. In the interview, she explains that she wrote the song as a way of expressing her own experiences as a black woman in America. She felt the need to address the challenges faced by black people and to create a space for dialogue and healing.

Solange acknowledges the importance of discussing and addressing these issues, saying, “In this year alone, I’ve had more conversations about race and being a black woman than ever in my life”. The song serves as a comment on the times we are living in, prompting us to reflect on our own identities and experiences.

A Conclusion of Self-Acceptance

Throughout the interview, Solange expresses the importance of learning to love and accept oneself. She talks about the journey she has been on and how it has shaped her as an artist and as a person. Solange’s story is a reminder that we are all a work in progress, and it is okay to be still trying to figure things out.

In the end, Solange leaves us with a powerful message of self-discovery and self-care. “Cranes in the Sky” is a song that encourages us to confront our own insecurities and embrace our true selves. By sharing her own story and her journey, Solange has helped us to find comfort and inspiration in being ourselves.

The Meaning Behind The Lyrics

When Beyonce interviewed Solange about her songs, Solange replied that “Cranes in the Sky” is a song about trying to fill a void and escape from pain and sadness. She explained that the song was written during a difficult year, where she was dealing with the end of a long-term relationship and the feeling of emptiness that came with it.

Solange acknowledges that the song reflects her personal experiences, but she also hopes that it can resonate with others who have gone through similar struggles. Explaining the meaning behind the lyrics, Solange says that “Cranes in the Sky” is about the times when we try to distract ourselves from our emotions and keep busy, but still find ourselves feeling empty inside.

The song explores themes of black excellence and the pressure to always present a strong image. Solange reveals that she wrote the song as a way to address the expectations placed on her as a musician and a black woman in the industry. She describes how she felt the need to constantly be in control and to never show vulnerability, but ultimately learned that it’s okay to embrace her true emotions and let herself feel.

“Cranes in the Sky” also delves into the concept of self-care and the importance of taking time for oneself. Solange explains that the lyrics reflect her journey towards self-discovery and finding peace within herself. The “cranes in the sky” symbolize the negative thoughts and emotions that she needed to release in order to move forward and find inner happiness.

In conclusion, “Cranes in the Sky” is a powerful and introspective song that speaks to the universal experience of trying to find solace in difficult times. Solange’s honest and personal storytelling, combined with the raw emotion in her voice, makes this song a standout on the album.

The Realness Behind Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” and what we can learn from it

In Solange’s captivating song “Cranes in the Sky,” she brings to light the raw emotions that come with trying to find peace and authenticity in a chaotic world. The song speaks to the very real struggles that many individuals face when trying to navigate their own personal journeys of self-discovery and growth.

Solange, being a master of storytelling through her music, dives deep into the themes of love, relationships, and the search for meaning in her lyrics. In an interview with her sister Beyonce, Solange acknowledges that the song is about her own experiences and acknowledges that “Cranes in the Sky” was one of the most challenging songs she has ever written.

By exploring the significance behind the lyrics, we can gain a better understanding of the meaning behind “Cranes in the Sky” and what it represents. The author explains that the song is about trying to escape the feeling of being overwhelmed and emotionally burdened, symbolized by the cranes in the sky. Solange uses the metaphor as a way to convey the desire to rise above difficult times and find inner peace.

Furthermore, Solange’s lyrics also touch on the struggles that come with being a black woman in society. She writes about the need to cancel out societal expectations and embrace oneself fully. This message resonates deeply with many listeners, as it reminds them of their own battles with self-acceptance and the pressures imposed by society.

The powerful reception of “Cranes in the Sky” is a testament to the impact that Solange’s music has on her audience. The song has been praised for its masterful blend of honest storytelling, captivating melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics that explore personal themes in a relatable way.

In conclusion, Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” is a song that explores the very real experiences and emotions that individuals face in their personal journeys. Through her music, Solange challenges listeners to reflect on their own lives and encourages them to embrace their true selves without fear or reservation. The song serves as a reminder that we all have the strength to rise above difficult times and find solace in our own personal growth.

The Reception of ‘Cranes in the Sky’

When Solange Knowles released her critically acclaimed album “A Seat at the Table” in 2016, one standout song that garnered significant attention and praise was “Cranes in the Sky”. The song, which Solange wrote and masterfully performed, delves into themes of struggle, reflection, and the search for peace and happiness amidst personal turmoil.

Being interviewed by her sister Beyoncé about the meaning behind the song, Solange acknowledges that “Cranes in the Sky” was her way of addressing the complexities of relationships, particularly in the context of being a Black woman. She explains that the lyrics were born out of her need to explore her own experiences and feelings, and to leave something behind that could serve as a guiding light for others.

The reception of “Cranes in the Sky” has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Solange’s ability to capture the raw realness of her emotions. Fans and critics alike have commended the song for its powerful lyrics and soulful sound.

One aspect that resonated with listeners was the metaphor of cranes in the sky, symbolizing the moments when Solange tried to escape her troubles and find solace, only to come crashing back down to reality. This imagery struck a chord with many who could relate to the constant struggle of searching for inner peace.

Furthermore, the song’s thoughtful exploration of self-reflection and personal growth resonated deeply with audiences. Solange’s vulnerability and honesty in discussing her own struggles allowed listeners to connect with her on a profound level.

Overall, “Cranes in the Sky” has been hailed as one of Solange’s best works to date. Its thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies have made it a standout track on the album “A Seat at the Table” and a beloved song for many. Its reception speaks to the powerful impact that Solange’s music can have on those who listen, and the profound connections that can be formed when artists authentically express themselves.

In conclusion, “Cranes in the Sky” has left an indelible mark on both the music industry and the hearts of its listeners. Solange’s exploration of personal struggles and the search for meaning in life resonates deeply with many, and her ability to encapsulate these emotions in song is truly remarkable. “Cranes in the Sky” is a testament to Solange’s talent as an artist and the universal feeling of hope and self-discovery that we can all relate to.


What is the meaning behind the song ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange?

The song ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange explores themes of escapism, pain, and self-discovery. Solange reflects on her own experiences of trying to find ways to escape or distract herself from her inner turmoil.

How did Solange write ‘Cranes in the Sky’?

Solange wrote ‘Cranes in the Sky’ as a way to express her emotions and process her personal struggles. She experimented with different melodies and lyrics until she found the right combination that captured the essence of her experiences.

Why did Solange choose the title ‘Cranes in the Sky’?

The title ‘Cranes in the Sky’ is symbolic and represents the weight of emotional burdens. Just like cranes towering in the sky, these burdens are constantly present and seemingly unattainable, yet impossible to ignore.

What is the reception of ‘Cranes in the Sky’?

‘Cranes in the Sky’ received widespread critical acclaim and appreciation from both fans and music critics. It was praised for its introspective lyrics, haunting melodies, and Solange’s soulful vocals.

What can we learn from Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky”?

Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” reminds us of the importance of confronting and embracing our emotions rather than trying to escape from them. It highlights the healing power of self-reflection and self-acceptance.

What is the meaning behind the song ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange?

The song ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange explores themes of escapism, particularly regarding the coping mechanisms people use to deal with pain and sadness in their lives. Solange sings about trying various distractions and vices, such as alcohol and shopping, to avoid facing her emotions. The cranes in the sky symbolize the temporary and fragile nature of these distractions, as cranes are graceful yet fleeting birds.

How did Solange write ‘Cranes in the Sky’?

Solange wrote ‘Cranes in the Sky’ as a way to express her personal experiences and emotions. In an interview with Song Exploder, she explained that she used multiple studios, experimented with different producers and musicians, and spent a lot of time refining the song until it accurately captured the essence of what she was feeling. She wanted the song to be a cathartic release and an honest reflection of her journey towards self-care and healing.

What is the reception of ‘Cranes in the Sky’?

‘Cranes in the Sky’ received critical acclaim from music critics and audiences alike. Its atmospheric production, soulful vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics resonated with many listeners. The song won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance in 2017 and was praised for its introspective nature and raw vulnerability. It has also been recognized as one of the standout tracks on Solange’s album, “A Seat at the Table.”

What can we learn from the realness behind Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky”?

Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” teaches us the importance of acknowledging and confronting our emotions instead of trying to suppress or escape them. It reminds us that even though distractions may temporarily alleviate pain, true healing comes from addressing the root causes of our sadness and finding healthy coping mechanisms. Solange’s vulnerability in sharing her personal struggles encourages us to embrace our own vulnerabilities and prioritize self-care in our lives.