Fallen Angel Found In Russia Sparks Debate Whether It’s Real Or Not [Video]Fallen Angel Found In Russia Sparks Debate Whether It’s Real Or Not [Video]

A strange and unusual discovery has recently stirred up the internet and sparked an intense debate among netizens in Russia. It all began when workers on a construction site stumbled upon a mysterious stone statue that resembled a fallen angel. The finding, which was allegedly unearthed in January last year, has since gone viral on various video-sharing platforms, leaving many questioning its authenticity and origins.

The video clip, recorded by one of the workers on site, shows the moment the angel statue was found amongst a pile of gravel near another pit being dug. As the camera zooms in, viewers can see the angel’s head buried in the ground, with its wings stretching outwards. The sight of this peculiar statue immediately raised eyebrows, with people dissecting every detail from the photo and video in search of further hints.

However, since the video went viral, fact-checkers have stepped in to determine the reliability of the footage. While some claim it is nothing more than an elaborate prank or a cleverly made fake, others argue that this is indeed a real discovery. The ongoing debate on whether the fallen angel is authentic continues to captivate people’s attention.

The video quickly gained traction on social media platforms, with TikTok users in particular expressing their thoughts and feelings about the strange finding. Some interpret it as a symbol of hope, while others see it as a foreboding sign. The clip has been shared and viewed over a million times, increasing curiosity and intrigue.

The angel statue is currently in the possession of a local museum in Russia where it is being examined by experts. As the investigation goes on, more questions arise: Is this fallen angel statue a genuine relic from the past, or just a cleverly crafted piece of art? Only time will tell as researchers continue to dig deeper into this enigmatic discovery.

Fallen Angel Found In Russia Sparks Debate

A viral video on TikTok has once again taken the internet by storm, with many users speculating whether another strange-looking creature has been found. The video, shared on January 1st, shows a group of workers in Russia digging near a gravel pit, when suddenly they uncover what appears to be a fallen angel statue.

The video hints at the possibility of the statue being real, but many skeptics are quick to dismiss it as a fake. Some internet users have pointed out that the video seems too perfect, with its cinematic quality and the workers’ reactions. They argue that it could simply be a well-edited prank or a promotional stunt.

This is not the first time a viral video claiming to show a fallen angel has circulated on the internet. In fact, there have been a number of similar videos in the past, all of which have been debunked by fact-checkers. However, this particular video has sparked further debate due to its “reliable” source – a group of workers at a gravel pit.

Russian news outlets have reported on the video, but have not been able to verify its authenticity. The debate over whether the fallen angel statue is real or not continues to divide opinion.

Some experts have weighed in on the debate, pointing out that the alleged fallen angel statue closely resembles other statues found in museums. They argue that it could be an art installation or a prop from a film or television production.

Despite these theories, the video remains a topic of fascination for many. Whether it’s a genuine fallen angel statue or just an elaborate hoax, the debate surrounding the video highlights the power of viral content and the way it captures the attention and feelings of internet users.

As the debate continues, it’s important to remember to approach videos like this with skepticism and critical thinking. Often, what may seem strange or otherworldly can be explained by simple explanations. In the case of the alleged fallen angel statue, it’s possible that we may never know the truth.

Whether It’s Real Or Not Video

A strange video discovered in Russia has sparked a heated debate over its authenticity. The footage, which was first uploaded to a popular video-sharing platform, seemingly shows a fallen angel statue being excavated by workers near a construction site. The video quickly went viral and has since been dubbed the “fallen angel found in Russia”.

According to the workers in the clip, they stumbled upon the statue while digging a pit for a construction project. They were astonished to find what appeared to be a stone angel buried just below the surface. The workers allegedly flew the statue over to a nearby museum for further examination.

However, since the video made its rounds on the internet, many skeptics have come forward to question its validity. Some believe it is a well-crafted hoax or a publicity stunt, while others argue that the video is indeed real. Fact-checkers have been looking into the video to determine its authenticity.

One report from a reliable source suggests that the video is indeed a fake. The editor of the report dissects the footage, pointing out various inconsistencies and hints that suggest it was staged. For example, the angel statue appears to be made of gravel rather than stone, and the workers in the video can be seen smiling and seemingly happy, despite the supposed magnitude of the discovery.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the video is genuine. They argue that the strange nature of the discovery and the reactions of the workers are not enough evidence to dismiss it as a hoax. They point out that the video has not been definitively proven to be fake, and until further evidence comes to light, it remains an open question.

Whether the “fallen angel found in Russia” video is real or not, it has certainly sparked a debate and captured the attention of the internet. In the age of viral content and social media, it is essential to remain skeptical and critical of the information we consume. As this case demonstrates, even seemingly compelling videos can be misleading or fabricated.

Looking for answers

The internet community continues to dig for more information about the video, hoping to find evidence that supports one side of the debate or the other. Some are eagerly waiting for reliable fact-checkers to come forward and provide a definitive answer. Others are sharing their own theories and speculations, trying to piece together the truth.

A year-long joke?

Some theories suggest that the video is part of a long-running joke or an art project. They argue that if it was indeed a humorous stunt, it would explain the strange nature of the video and the reactions of the workers. However, without concrete evidence, these theories remain speculative.

As the debate around the “fallen angel found in Russia” video continues, it serves as a reminder to approach viral content with caution. It is crucial to rely on trusted sources and fact-checkers, rather than jumping to conclusions based solely on captivating videos circulating on social media platforms like TikTok.

Workers Dig Up Strange Looking Angel In Russia

A viral video clip has caused a debate on the internet as workers in Russia dig up a peculiar statue resembling an angel. The worker who first found the statue claims that it is a real, fallen angel, sparking a discussion on whether this is true or not.

The video, posted on TikTok, shows workers excavating a pit and stumbling upon the stone structure. The workers, who are allegedly reliable, said that the statue “flew” on its own and landed in the gravel near the pit. However, fact-checkers have suggested that this video may be a joke or a fake, and further investigation is being done to determine its authenticity.

It’s not the first time that a “fallen angel” statue has been found in Russia. Last year, another similar-looking statue was allegedly discovered, but after being dissected, it was revealed to be a hoax.

The debate over the authenticity of the “fallen angel” video continues, with some believing it to be real and others arguing that it is fake. The Russian editor of the viral video claims that it is indeed a genuine find, but until more evidence is presented, it remains a subject of speculation.

In the meantime, the statue has been flown to a museum, where experts will further analyze its origins and determine whether it is a genuine artifact or a cleverly crafted hoax.

Regardless of its authenticity, the discovery of this strange-looking angel has sparked feelings of intrigue and curiosity among viewers. Whether it is a real fallen angel or not, it has certainly captured the attention of the internet.

Found Russian ‘fallen angel’ video goes viral on TikTok

A bizarre video clip allegedly showing a fallen angel found in Russia has recently gone viral on TikTok, sparking a heated debate on the internet about its authenticity. The video, which was posted in January of this year, depicts a group of workers looking at what appears to be a strange stone or statue of an angel with its head buried in gravel.

The video shows the workers digging near the alleged fallen angel, and then it cuts to another photo of the supposed angel being lifted out of the pit. Many users on TikTok were captivated by the footage, with some expressing their amazement and fascination, while others were skeptical and dismissed it as a fake.

Fact-checkers and experts have since dissected the video to determine its authenticity. Some argued that the video is a cleverly produced hoax, pointing out inconsistencies in the footage, such as unusual lighting and discrepancies in the workers’ reactions. Others suggested that the fallen angel may simply be an art installation or a prop for a movie.

Despite the debate, the video quickly gained traction on TikTok, amassing a large number of views and comments. Users shared their thoughts and feelings about the alleged fallen angel, expressing both awe and disbelief. The viral nature of the video led to it being picked up by various news outlets, further fueling the discussion.

One Russian museum claimed to have received the fallen angel and shared a photo of it on its social media accounts. However, the museum’s credibility has been called into question, and some users speculated that it could be a publicity stunt or a part of an elaborate joke.

At this time, it remains unclear whether the fallen angel video is real or fake. The internet continues to debate the matter, with some hoping for more concrete evidence to emerge and others finding enjoyment in the speculation. Regardless of the video’s authenticity, it has certainly captured the attention of the online community and left many intrigued by this unusual discovery.

This Isn’t the First ‘Fallen Angel’ Allegedly Found in Russia

In recent years, Russia seems to have a fascination with fallen angels, as another viral video claiming to show one has caused a stir on the internet. This time, the supposed fallen angel was found near a museum in Russia.

The debate over whether these fallen angels are real or not goes back years. In fact, this isn’t the first alleged fallen angel video to spark controversy. Back in January of last year, a similar video emerged, showing a strange-looking statue with angel wings and workers digging a pit to presumably bury it.

The clip quickly went viral, with many expressing their feelings of astonishment and disbelief. However, fact-checkers were unhappy with the lack of reliable evidence and further dug into the story. It was discovered that the video was fake and the fallen angel was just a statue being flown away by a crane.

Despite this, the recent video has reignited the debate. In the new video, workers can be seen standing around a large stone structure resembling an angel’s head, with gravel scattered around it. The Russian video-sharing platform, TikTok, has become a hub for discussions on the authenticity of the clip.

Some users argue that the video is another cleverly edited fake, while others believe there are hints that it’s real. One user said, “Look at the workers’ faces, they seem genuinely scared.” Another user dissects the clip and says, “This angel doesn’t look like the first one, the wings are in a different position.”

With each alleged fallen angel video that emerges from Russia, the internet becomes more divided. Some people are easily convinced by the viral clips, while others remain skeptical and demand more evidence.

As the debate continues and fact-checkers do their work, it’s important to always be cautious before jumping to conclusions. The internet can be a breeding ground for fake news and hoaxes, and it’s essential to utilize reliable sources and verify information before forming opinions.

Whether these fallen angels are real or not, the phenomenon has certainly sparked curiosity and debate, making it a fascinating topic for discussion.

Internet Dissects ‘Fallen Angel’ Clip

The video clip of the allegedly ‘fallen angel’ found in Russia has gone viral on TikTok, stirring up a lot of debate on whether it is real or not. The strange clip shows a stone statue of an angel lying face down in a pit. It was reportedly discovered by workers near a museum in Russia in January of this year. The video, being shared on the popular video-sharing platform, has gathered a number of reactions from users.

Many people are looking into the clip, trying to dig up more information to determine its authenticity. Some fact-checkers have already expressed their doubts, with hints that it may be fake. However, the editor of the video report claims that it’s real.

The debate over the authenticity of the video has further sparked feelings of curiosity and curiosity. A number of internet users are unhappy with the lack of reliable information, as they continue to dissect the video and search for clues.

One user said, “From the head-first way it goes into the pit, and the way it’s found in Russia, I really think it’s a fallen angel.” Another user added, “This video is so strange. I can’t believe there’s still no clear answer whether it’s real or not.”

Workers at the Russian museum where the statue was reportedly found have stated that it’s just a joke. They claim that the statue was created as a prank and placed there to generate attention.

However, some are not convinced by the worker’s explanation. They argue that the workers may just be covering up the fact that they found a real fallen angel.

Despite the ongoing debate and sparks of curiosity, there hasn’t been any further conclusive evidence or reports to confirm the authenticity of the ‘fallen angel’ video. It remains a mystery for now, leaving the internet divided on whether it’s real or just another viral fake.

Russian Museum Unhappy After Joke Report Hints Angel Statue ‘Flew Away’

A Russian museum is feeling disappointed and frustrated after a joke report went viral, suggesting that an angel statue had mysteriously flown away. The museum workers are now questioning the reliability of internet sources, as well as the fact-checkers who failed to investigate the truth.

It all started when a video clip surfaced on TikTok in January, allegedly showing a fallen angel sculpture in Russia. The video sparked a debate among online users, with some believing it to be real and others questioning its authenticity.

The video, reportedly taken near a gravel pit, shows workers uncovering the statue’s head and dissects the strange phenomenon. Some viewers were convinced that the statue had truly fallen from heaven, while others labeled it as fake.

After the video went viral, a report circulated, claiming that the angel statue had “flew away” and that the museum was left in shock. However, the museum’s spokesperson quickly dismissed the report, stating that it was merely a joke and that the statue was still at the museum.

The museum employees are now frustrated that this joke report managed to mislead so many people and generate further debate. They believe that the internet should be used responsibly and that people should be more skeptical when looking at viral content.

This incident serves as a reminder to be cautious when consuming information from social media platforms and to rely on reliable sources and fact-checkers. In the age of instant sharing and viral content, it is important to take the time to verify the authenticity of the information before jumping to conclusions.

So, whether you believe in fallen angels or not, the museum’s angel statue remains safely at the museum, reminding us of the importance of critical thinking and verifying information before accepting it as truth.

‘Fallen Angel’ Found in Russian Gravel Pit Sparks Debate Over Whether It’s Real

An internet video of what appears to be a ‘fallen angel’ found in a gravel pit near a Russian village has sparked a heated debate over its authenticity.

The clip, which was first shared on TikTok by workers at the site, shows a strange statue-like figure being dug up from the pit. The workers can be heard discussing the unusual find, with one of them saying, “It’s a fallen angel!”

After the video went viral, editors and fact-checkers from various sources in Russia and around the world dissected the footage to determine whether it was real or fake.

Some individuals argue that the video is nothing more than a clever joke. They point out that the figure, which is made of stone, looks more like a sculpture than an actual fallen angel. Others believe that the video is a genuine discovery, citing the workers’ reactions and the fact that it was found in a gravel pit.

However, further investigation raises a number of doubts. For instance, the stone figure appears to be in remarkably good condition, despite allegedly being buried for an extended period of time. In addition, there are hints that the video may have been edited, such as jump cuts and unusual camera angles.

Despite these doubts, some people argue that the video should be taken at face value. They believe that the figure is a real fallen angel and that its discovery is significant.

At this time, no reliable reports or official statements have confirmed the authenticity of the video. It’s possible that the video is a viral hoax, designed to generate attention and stir up debate.

Regardless of its origins, the video has sparked intense discussion and mixed feelings among viewers. Some are fascinated by the possibility of a fallen angel being found, while others are skeptical and believe it’s simply a clever fake.

Whether the ‘fallen angel’ video is real or not, it serves as a reminder of the power of the internet to disseminate and amplify strange and intriguing stories. As more people share their opinions and theories, it’s likely that the debate over the video’s authenticity will continue for some time.


Is there a video of a fallen angel found in Russia?

Yes, there is a video circulating on the internet showing what appears to be a fallen angel in Russia.

Is the fallen angel video real or fake?

There is a debate over the authenticity of the fallen angel video. Some believe it is real, while others think it is fake.

Where was the fallen angel statue found in Russia?

The fallen angel statue was allegedly found in Russia, but the exact location is not specified in the article.

Why is a Russian museum unhappy after a joke report about the angel statue?

A joke report hinted that the angel statue had “flown away,” which upset the Russian museum that houses the statue. They were not pleased with the false information being spread.

Has this happened before, with a fallen angel allegedly found in Russia?

Yes, this is not the first time that a fallen angel has been allegedly found in Russia. It seems to be a recurring phenomenon.

Is the fallen angel found in Russia real or fake?

There is a debate about whether the fallen angel found in Russia is real or fake. Some people believe it is real, while others think it is fake.