The Meaning of 222 in Hebrew: Unlocking Its Significance and SymbolismThe Meaning of 222 in Hebrew: Unlocking Its Significance and Symbolism

When it comes to understanding the deeper meanings behind numbers in Hebrew, David Taylor’s exhaustive research is a valuable resource. One such number, 222, holds a significant place in Hebrew symbolism and has been the subject of much exploration. In the KJV and NASB translations, 222 is represented by the Hebrew word “Urumilki,” which appears only once in the entire Bible. This rarity makes it all the more intriguing.

David Taylor, through a thorough study of the concordance and a careful compare-and-contrast analysis, discovered that the root of “Urumilki” is linked to the Hebrew words “oo-ree-ale,” which translates to “flame of God.” This connection opens up a myriad of interpretations and adds layers to the significance of 222 in Hebrew symbolism.

Using the strong’s concordance and cross-referencing various Bible verses and books, Taylor found intriguing results. One such reference can be found in the book of Judges, in which the story of Gibeah unfolds. The mention of the number 222 in this context hints at the powerful and divine intervention taking place. This correlation between the word “Urumilki” and historical events adds weight to its symbolism and provides deeper insights into its meaning.

As with any symbolic interpretation, it is essential to consider both the historical and spiritual context. David Taylor has meticulously laid out the foundation for understanding the significance of 222 in Hebrew symbolism. Through his research, he invites readers to explore the Levitical scriptures and delve into the rich backdrop of Hebrew culture. By understanding the connections and references surrounding 222, one can unlock a deeper appreciation for its meaning and its impact on biblical narratives.


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All Bible references are from the King James Version (KJV) unless otherwise stated. Copyright © 2022

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The Hebrew term H222 appears in the concordance of the copyright Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, under the system used by James Strong. This system assigns a unique number to each Hebrew and Greek word in the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. In the case of H222, it is associated with the word “oo-ree-ale,” which is a transliteration of the Hebrew word ארמלך.

The H222 reference can be found in several places within the KJV, including in Leviticus and 1 Chronicles. The Levites, who were an ancient Hebrew tribe, used the H222 reference to perform specific duties and rituals within the religious system. In 1 Chronicles, H222 is associated with David, the well-known biblical figure.

By using Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, researchers can find additional references and meanings related to H222. It allows scholars to study the original Hebrew words and their implications within different contexts. The concordance provides a foundation for in-depth biblical study, allowing readers to explore the lexicon and uncover the rich symbolism and significance behind words like H222.

In conclusion, H222 is a unique biblical reference that researchers can explore using Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. It provides valuable insights into the Hebrew language and its implications within biblical texts. For a more comprehensive understanding, researchers can compare different translations of the Bible and cross-reference H222 with related words and concepts.

Concordance Results Using KJV

When exploring the meaning of 222 in Hebrew, it is essential to consider the concordance results using the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. This version provides a reliable reference for biblical interpretations and symbolism.

References to David and Taylor

The concordance results in the KJV reveal several references to David and Taylor. David, an important figure in Hebrew history, is mentioned numerous times throughout the Bible. His story and accomplishments hold deep significance and symbolism.

Additionally, the mention of Taylor in the concordance results may refer to a specific individual or be used metaphorically to represent a skilled craftsman or worker.

Comparison Using Chronicles and Copyright

By comparing different books, such as Chronicles, in the concordance results, a more comprehensive understanding of the symbolism behind 222 in Hebrew can be achieved. Chronicles often provides additional insights into historical events and individuals mentioned in other books of the Bible.

Furthermore, considering copyright – a legal concept not present in ancient Hebrew society – as part of the concordance results can shed light on how interpretations of 222 may differ in modern times compared to earlier interpretations.

The concordance results using the KJV also highlight specific terms and concepts related to Levites, such as Levitical and Levites themselves. These references provide valuable context for understanding the symbolism of 222 in relation to this specific group.

Flame, ארמלך, and Levitical in Concordance Results

The concordance results using the KJV bring attention to the terms flame, ארמלך (Oo-ree-ale), and Levitical. Flame may carry symbolic meaning, representing purification, passion, or divine presence, among other possibilities.

ארמלך, transliterated as Oo-ree-ale, is a Hebrew word that appears in the concordance results. Further exploration of its meaning and significance is necessary to fully grasp its relationship to 222 in Hebrew.

The term Levitical refers to the Levites, a specific group within the Hebrew tribe, dedicated to religious duties and service in the Temple. Considering the significance of the Levites and their role in biblical history is crucial when analyzing the symbolism of 222 in Hebrew.

Overall, the concordance results using the KJV provide a foundation for exploring the meaning and symbolism of 222 in Hebrew. By examining the references to David, Taylor, Levites, flame, ארמלך, and Levitical, a deeper understanding of this significant number can be achieved.

Strong’s Exhaustive NASB KJV Gibeah
h222 H222 Urumilki Urumilki

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

When studying the meaning of Hebrew words, one valuable tool is the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. This concordance allows you to search for specific words in the Bible and provides a list of their occurrences along with their corresponding Hebrew numbers.

For example, if we look up the Hebrew word “ארמלך” in the Strong’s Concordance, we find that it is referenced as H222. This number serves as a unique identifier for this particular Hebrew word throughout the concordance.

By using the Strong’s Concordance, you can compare different references and explore the various occurrences of a specific word. This tool can be especially helpful in understanding the deeper significance and symbolism behind a word like “ארמלך” in Hebrew.

One example where the Strong’s Concordance can provide insights is in the Chronicles of David and Saul. In 1 Samuel 10:26, the Hebrew word “ארמלך” (H222) is mentioned in the context of Saul’s monarchy. This reference can be cross-referenced with other occurrences of the word in the Bible, such as in 2 Chronicles 13:20, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of its meaning.

Another instance where the Strong’s Concordance can be useful is in exploring Levitical references. For instance, in 1 Chronicles 6:60, the Hebrew word “ארמלך” (H222) is used in connection with the Levite tribe. By comparing this reference with other levitical accounts, such as those found in Numbers or Deuteronomy, one can gain a deeper understanding of the role and significance of the Levites in Hebrew culture.

It is important to note that the Strong’s Concordance is based on the King James Version (KJV) and provides references according to its translation. However, it can still be used as a valuable tool for comparing and exploring Hebrew words, even when using different translations such as the New American Standard Bible (NASB) or others.

The Strong’s Concordance is a foundational resource for anyone studying Hebrew words and their meanings. With its comprehensive lists of occurrences and corresponding Hebrew numbers, it provides a solid basis for diving into the richness of Hebrew symbolism. By utilizing this concordance, you can unlock the depth and significance of words like “ארמלך” in Hebrew, shedding light on their spiritual and cultural implications.

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What is the meaning of 222 in Hebrew?

The meaning of 222 in Hebrew is not mentioned in the article. The article focuses on the significance and symbolism of the number 222.

What does the number 222 symbolize?

The number 222 is believed to symbolize balance, harmony, and alignment. It is also associated with faith, trust, and cooperation. Some people believe that seeing the number 222 is a sign from the universe or a higher power.

How is the number 222 significant?

The number 222 is significant as it is believed to carry a message or guidance from the spiritual realm. Many people interpret seeing the number 222 as a sign to trust the process, have faith, and stay positive. It is seen as a reminder to maintain balance and alignment in life.

What is the biblical significance of the number 222?

The biblical significance of the number 222 is not specifically mentioned in the article. However, the article discusses the use of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, which is a tool that helps in finding and analyzing biblical references. It is possible to use this tool to explore the biblical significance of different numbers, including 222.

How can I use Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to find references to the number 222 in the Bible?

To find references to the number 222 in the Bible using Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, you can search for the number 222 in the concordance section. It will provide you with a list of verses where the number 222 appears, allowing you to study the surrounding context and gain a deeper understanding of its significance in biblical texts.

What does the number 222 represent in Hebrew?

The number 222 does not specifically represent anything in Hebrew. It is a numerical value without a specific symbolic meaning in Hebrew culture.

What is the significance of the number 222 in Hebrew?

The number 222 does not have a specific significance in Hebrew culture. It is simply a numerical value and does not hold any specific symbolic meaning.

In Hebrew, does the number 222 have any symbolism?

No, the number 222 does not hold any symbolic meaning in Hebrew. It is just a numerical value without any specific symbolism associated with it.

Are there any biblical references to the number 222 in Hebrew?

No, there are no biblical references to the number 222 in Hebrew. The number does not have any specific significance or symbolism in Hebrew culture or in the Bible.

Does the number 222 in Hebrew mean anything spiritual?

No, the number 222 does not have any specific spiritual meaning in Hebrew. It is a numerical value without any spiritual significance or symbolism associated with it.